Midwest China Oral History Interviews

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Russell, Maud
Midwest China Center
Chinese; YWCA; revolutionaries; American; Kuomintang; Madame Chian Kai-shek; Yenan; Japanese; Sian; Tai Yan; Changsha; People's Republic of China; May 4th movement; Peking; missionary; Sino-American; Far East Reporter
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Early Life: early interest in China; accepts position with Chinese YWCA, 1917; relationship between American YWCA and Chinese YWCA.China Experiences: why women were freer to be revolutionaries than men; various social/political programs of the YWCA; the Chinese YWCA method of inviting furloughed American workers back to China; the Chinese emphasis on relationships; defying the Kuomintang and Madame Chiang Kai-shek; trip to and impressions of Yenan during Japanese war; general description of revolutionary atmosphere in Sian and Tai Yuan; examples of YWCA work; living and working in Changsha; old friends met during 1959 trip to People's Republic of China; students' response to working with country people; student activism during May 4th movement in Peking, 1919; things to be learned from China; response to missionaries and to the missionary movement; future Sino-American relations; publisher of Far East Reporter since 1952.