White Religious Educators Resisting White Fragility: Lessons From Mystics

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Religious Education, ISSN: 0034-4087, Vol: 112, Issue: 1, Page: 46-57

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Hess, Mary E.
Informa UK Limited; Taylor & Francis
Social Sciences; Arts and Humanities; pedagogy; religious education; mysticism; white fragility; dismantling racism; Adult and Continuing Education; Catholic Studies; Education; Practical Theology; Religion
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Decades of work in dismantling racism have not yielded the kind of results for which religious educators have hoped. One primary reason has been what scholars term “white fragility,” a symptom of the structural racism which confers systemic privilege upon White people. Lessons learned from Christian mystics point to powerful ways to confront and resist the siren call of such formation and instead to make resisting racism an integral part of Christian identity for White people.