Getting Back into the Library Business: Moving Library IT to the Cloud

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CONFERENCE: Library Technology Conference

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Cowles Library at Drake University began dismantling its departmental IT operation (Systems) in favor of distributed, cloud-based services in 2007. This process involved moving some services to hosting providers (ILLiad, DSpace, ContentDM), moving servers and server administration out of the Library building into central IT, and integrating library technology operations into the broader campus environment. These changes stabilized the Library's IT maintenance budget and allowed systems staff to begin focusing on doing "Library" work rather than on doing "IT" work. This session covers the background to the decision to go cloud-based, the merits and drawbacks of the cloud-based approach, the changed support environment produced by cloud-based services, and the challenging transition for Systems staff from "IT workers" to Library workers.ABOUT THE PRESENTER: ´╗┐Marc Davis is Lead Technologist at Drake University's Cowles Library.