Herald of Holiness Volume 73 Number 09 (1984)

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McCumber, W. E., (Editor)
Nazarene Publishing House
Nazarene; journal; publication; feature articles; poetry; continuing columns; departments; denominational origin; Christian Denominations and Sects; Christianity; History of Christianity; Missions and World Christianity; Practical Theology
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Cover Photo Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts/C.V.T. LTDIN THIS ISSUE:2 Differences and Divisions, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe3 A Mother’s Legacy of Faith, Margaret Lee4 Letters5 A Home Saved, Robert E. Maner6 Sheltered by a Mother’s Prayers, Muriel E. Scammahorn7 Prayer for a Child (a Poem), Virginia Walmsley7 Billboards That Breathe, A. Brent Cobb8 Christian Perfection, B. F. Haynes9 Sanctified Enthusiasm – Our Heritage, Paul Mangum10 My Other Mothers, Irmgard L. Williams11 The Touch of Hope, C. Neil Strait12 Her Hands Have Served Well, Pauline E. Spray13 You Can Have Peace14 There Is No Justice, Jerry W. McCant15 Open Your Windows (a Poem), Jean Hogan Dudley16 Commitment Is Crucial, G. Weatherly17 Jesus, The Children’s Friend, Miriam J. Hall18 The Editor’s Standpoint20 By All Means, Ralph E. Taylor21 In the News30 News of Religion31 Answer Corner35 Late News