Making Psychology New Again: Open Science as an Expression of Christian Calling

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CONFERENCE: Day of Common Learning

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Carpenter, Tom
Day of Common Learning
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How do we ‘do science’ in a way that loves God’s truth? Psychological research practices are changing rapidly in wake of the “replication crisis”—the awareness that a large number of findings cannot be replicated and may be false. This reform movement, known as “open science,” embraces transparency, asks scientists to publicly share their data/analyses and materials, and encourages replication. At the same time, it includes new technology for open and collaborative work and gives considerable opportunities to students. However, open science can be costly, go unrewarded, and require considerable effort. In this session, I explore this reform movement and suggest it can be a way to live out a Christian calling in psychological science: a way to worship God by doing good work, working more communally, and loving and seeking God’s truth.