EC99-1563 Corn Rootworm Management

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Wright, Robert J; Meinke, Lance J.; Jarvi, Keith J.
corn; rootworm; management; adult; beetle; western; larvae; larval; life; cycle; pupa; ear; crop; chemical; biological; control; University of Nebraska; Cooperative Extension; publications; Nebraska Cooperative Extension; Agriculture; Curriculum and Instruction
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Corn rootworms (Diabrotica spp.) are one of the most economically important corn insects in Nebraska. The western corn rootworm, D. virgifera virgifera LeConte, and the northern corn rootworm, D. barberi Smith and Lawrence, are the most economically important rootworm species in Nebraska. A third species, the southern corn rootworm, D. undecimpunctata howardi Barber, causes little economic damage to corn and has not been shown to overwinter in Nebraska. This publication will focus on the biology and management of the western and northern corn rootworms.