G75-237 Boxelder Bugs (Revised June 1992)

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Baxendale, Frederick P.; Keith, David L.
boxelder bugs; description; host plants; injury; life history; prevention; chemical control; outside control; home control; cautions; insects; pests; ornamentals; trees; sap; sucking; beetles; University of Nebraska; Cooperative Extension; publications; Nebraska Cooperative Extension; Agriculture; Curriculum and Instruction
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This NebGuide discusses the importance, life history and control of boxelder bugs.DescriptionBoxelder bug adults are about 1/2 inch long. They are slate-gray with three red lines behind the head and red lines on the wings. The rear half of the wings have a reddish margin and the abdomen under the wings is also red. Nymphs (young bugs) are bright red with darker heads. They resemble adults, but their wings do not fully develop until they reach maturity.