G95-1249 Dietary Guidelines for Children Age Two to Five

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Martin, H. Darlene
dietary; guidelines; children; two; five; variety of foods; foods; healthy weight; weight; fat; saturated fat; cholesterol; vegetables; fruits; grain; sugar; salt; sodium; food choices; bread; cereal; rice; pasta; milk; yogurt; cheese; meat; poultry; fish; dry beans; eggs; nutrition; Agriculture; Curriculum and Instruction
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This publication discusses the dietary needs and guidelines for young children.If you have children or care for children who are between two and five years of age, you play a significant role in their health. The quality of care you provide will benefit the children within your care now and in the future. To provide adequate food choices for children, you need to understand what foods help children grow and develop.Most of us know that good health and proper nutrition are important. The first step in helping children learn good nutritional habits is to practice them daily yourself. Usually when children are well cared for when they are young they will want to take good care of themselves as they grow older.Look at the following guidelines and see if you keep them in mind while caring for your children age two to five.