The Probe, Issue 217 – July/August 2001

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Environmental Sciences
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NADCA's Future Mission -- Art Smith, NADCA Treasurer, editor INTERACTIONS The Wildlife Society Position Statement on Feral and Free-Ranging Domestic Cats Feral Dog Trapping Primer -- Dave Pauli, Humane Society of the United States The first case of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), a rodent-borne viral infection, known to occur in New England has recently been confirmed. NWRC Research Program Manager Announced: Dr. James Russell Mason is the new Program Manager for the Center's Mammal Research Program. What causes albino individuals to occur and does this condition occur within all vertebrate species? ORV'S (off-Road Vehicles) May Exacerbate Hantavirus Infection Wildlife and Highways: seeking solutions to an Ecological and Socio-Economic Dilemma -- held at the 7th annnual meeting of the Wildlife Society. Abstracts included: Dead on the road: mitigative models to address deer highway mortality -- Bissonette, J. A., M. E. Lenert, and J. W. Haefner A strategy for mitigating highway impacts on wildlife-- Jackson, S. D. and C. R. Griffin Vehicle-deer collisions in Virginia: implications for management -- West, B. C, J. A. Parkhurst, P. F. Scanlon, and M. Knox Seeking solutions to wildlife-highway conflicts using an advocacy-based approach -- McMurtray, J.