Agricultural Field Robotics for Plant Data Acquisition

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Blackford, Jeremy S; Werner, Jared; Troyer, Tyler A.; Nutter, Ethan
Agriculture; robotics; plant data; Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
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As the demand for food increases, we are presented with the challenge of producing food more efficiently. With the help of agricultural robots it will be possible to achieve greater yields by the application of seeds, fertilizers and chemicals in the most efficient way possible. With more advanced robotic systems accurate crop data can be obtained to improve farming products and techniques.Flex-Row is a medium sized agricultural robotic platform built for autonomously traversing through rough fields during multiple crop growing stages. This platform consisting of a flexible frame with the ability to vary both width and height will initially be implemented with sensors to monitor production plants throughout the growing season. Furthermore, the robot will perform low draft applications such as spraying. The intended goal for this project is to develop a tele-operated platform that can be automated in the future.Inter-Row is a much smaller robot designed specifically for plant data acquisition. Tall height is not needed as it individually scans each plant a few cm from the base of the plant. The robot will help eliminate the need for manual labor when counting number of plants per row, which is beneficial on a large acreage field.Advisor: Dr. Santosh K. Pitla