Growing together into the fullness of Christ: cultivating spiritual capacity through intentional religious procatices

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Howe, Nathan
Church renewal; Spiritual formation; Christian Denominations and Sects; Christianity; Practical Theology
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The purpose of the current project is to address the question, "How can the intentional practices of new monastic communities help to cultivate greater involvement toward spiritual growth among the pastor and laity in leadership of the First United Methodist Church in Niles, Ohio as a first step to cultivating the same among the whole congregation?" The author invited the members of the Leadership Team of the congregation to be formed as a covenant community, committing themselves together to intentional practices for spiritual growth and Christian formation. The primary tools used to observe the effects of this greater level of commitment were field notes maintained by the author throughout the course of the project. As a result, the author observes that this invitation to a higher level of commitment and intentionality in practice was a positive element toward cultivating greater involvement toward spiritual growth among the congregation as a whole.