Evaluation of the adhesive wear resistance of manganese austenitic steel submitted to thermal cycle

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instname:Universidad del Norte, ISSN: 0122-3461, Issue: 27, Page: 151-168

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Oscar Fabián Higuera Cobos; Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira; Carlos Mauricio Moreno Tellez; Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia; Manuela Gutiérrez Ramirez; Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
Universidad del Norte
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AbstractIn this research we studied the effect of thermal cycles of quenching and tempering on the adhesive wear resistance of austenitic manganese steel (9.4Mn1C1.9Cr1Si). The material was characterized chemically and me- tallographically. Subsequently the material was tested by cross cylinder ASTM G-83 with the aim of determining the adhesive wear behavior. The results indicate that the specimen tempered at 200 ° C has a longer period of strain hardening than the ones tempered at 400 and 800 º C, making it more resistant to wear, thus improving the characteristics of the sample in a state of supply.