Modular Biped Robotic Base

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Chiavaroli, Lawrence T; Forchione, Andrew J; Miller, Wesley A; Drockton, Joseph M
Robot; Biped; Humanoid Motion; H-Bridge; Robot Mechanical Structure; DC Motors; Biomedical; Electrical and Electronics
project description
This report contains the final developments and research involved with the modular biped robotic base. A need was first identified in 2011 when President Obama announced the National Robotics Initiative, an initiative focused on the funding of robotic development to work alongside or cooperatively with humans. This scope of this project concerns building a robotic base modeled after human legs and hips, capable of interfacing with future modular subsystems depending on what tasks are trying to be accomplished. Firstly, a mathematical torque simulation of the hip, knee, and ankle joints was developed in MATLAB. Using this information, complimentary actuators and driver circuitry were selected. A 3-D model of the leg and hip structure was drawn and simulated in SOLIDWORKS. Communication between the motors and the master controller was developed to provide precise control over each individual motor. After individual motor testing, a leg model was assembled and troubleshooting took place to determine proper alignment and placement of position sensors. The legs and hips were then fully integrated. A successful model was achieved capable of walking with full integration with subsystems of various types.