Evidence and Criminal Procedure: Gradual Developments Towards Clarity in a Maze of Statutory Enactments

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Singapore Law: 50 Years in the Making, Page: 415-471

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CHUA, Eunice; LEO, Lionel
Academy Publishing; Academy Press
Law; Singapore; History; Applied or Integration/Application Scholarship; Asian Studies; Law and Society; Law, Society and Governance; Legal History; Not Applicable; Criminal Procedure; Evidence; Civil Procedure; Dispute Resolution; Family Law; Basic or Discovery Scholarship; Estates and Trusts; Jurisdiction; Commercial Law
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The development of Singapore law has tracked the development of Singapore’s own nation-building efforts. Singapore’s laws reflect a diversity of legal and cultural heritages and there has been a conscious effort, particularly after the 1990s, to develop its own laws and legal institutions. These efforts have now paved the way for Singapore law to be promoted in international transactions and law reforms in other jurisdictions. This book assesses to what extent these ambitions have been achieved, how they are reflected in the jurisprudence of Singapore courts, and to predict the next phase in the development of Singapore law. It analyses all reported Singapore decisions since independence to December 2013. It considers the extent to which Singapore courts have developed a local jurisprudence and the particular subject areas in which such development is the strongest. It also examines the extent Singapore courts have relied on foreign law.