The Association Between Acrochorda (skin tags), Metabolic Syndrome, and Adenomatous Polyps

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O'Hare, MD, Brendan; Shnitser, MD, Anastasia; Korenblit, MD, MBA, Jason; Siddiqui, MD, Ali
The Association Between Acrochorda (skin tags); Metabolic Syndrome; and Adenomatous Polyps; poster; Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Department of Internal Medicine; Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; Gastroenterology; Hepatology; Medicine and Health Sciences
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BACKGROUND Acrochorda (skin tags) are benign skin tumors that form primarily at skin creases, generally on the neck, armpit, and groin areas. There have been a small number of published studies in 1980s in patients who were found to have increased number of skin tags and colonic polyps, with a direct correlation described between the two. In addition, metabolic syndrome has been linked to adenomatous polyps, but a link between skin tags and metabolic syndrome has not been established.