Distribution of Vinyl Chloride (VC) in a Laboratory Column Using Aquifer Material from a Contaminated Site

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Journal of Hazardous Substance Research, Vol: 6, Issue: 1

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Fischer, A. R.; Lorbeer, H.; Werner, P.
New Prairie Press
vinyl chloride; aquifer material; contaminated site; Koc; Henry’s law constant
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This paper investigates distribution behaviour of the carcinogenic compound vinyl chloride (VC) under semi-natural conditions in a three-phase system (air, water, and aquifer material). A stainless steel column was filled with quaternary aquifer material (gritty sand) from a contaminated site (Bitterfeld, Germany). VC-contaminated water with a defined concentration was prepared and pumped in several cycles through the saturated zone of the column. The concentration level of VC in air and water was measured regularly until equilibrium was reached. The amount of VC adsorbed on the aquifer material was calculated by a mass balance consideration. The dimensionless Henry’s Law constant (approx. 1.6) and the Koc (approx. 210) of VC were determined. Results agree well with literature values. However, to our knowledge this is the first study to investigate the partitioning of VC experimentally with aquifer material under semi-natural conditions.