Wooster voice. (Wooster, Ohio), 1908-05-27

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Editors, Wooster Voice
The College of Wooster
Student Senate; Intercollegiate Peace Conference; Editorial; Graduation Recitals; Class of 1908; Freshman-Sophomore Debate; Use of Slang; historical advertisements; Student Government; Recitals (Music); Debates and debating
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One article describes the creation of the Student Senate. The article includes a detailed description of the senate's constitution, along with its purposes, goals and scope of activities. Another article discusses the Intercollegiate Peace Conference that Wooster attended earlier that week at De Pauw University. This edition of the newspaper also includes a series of articles describing the graduation recitals being presented by the Class of 1908. The highlights of the Freshman-Sophomore Debate is discussed in great length in another piece. One editorial discusses the issue of slang and argues that a university man should use proper vocabulary that is representative of his education.