Resettlement Perspectives of Bhutanese Refugees: A Place Called Home with a Future

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The Lhotsampa People of Bhutan: Resilience and Survival, Page: 79-93

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Pulla, Venkat; Rai, Devika
Springer Nature; Palgrave Macmillan
Social Sciences; Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies
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Having fled from their homeland in the 1990s, around 108,000 Lhotsampa from Bhutan found refuge in the seven camps of eastern Nepal. Some have been there for more than two decades now (UNHCR, 2013). The Lhotsampa had been forced to leave after the Royal Government of Bhutan had imposed several decrees depriving them of basic citizen’s rights—right to nationality, right to freedom of language, right to representation, and similar other rights (Rai, 2013).