Mais qu’est-ce qui les fait (dis)courir ? Propos sur Valéry, Échenoz et d’autres, aux confins de la littérature

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Elder, David
French literature; Oratory; Running; Criticism; interpretation; etc.; Echenoz; Jean; Literature and dance; Arts and Humanities
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The answer to the question that is posed in this article starts with allusions to another question in Psych by Derrida: "How not to speak?" that is transformed in the following way: How not to run? How to avoid running? What makes for better running and how to choose another way to run? Courir by chenoz remains an example of a finely degraded text where the importance of the effort, preconditioned to the literary or sporting performance, is omnipresent. This article refers to other artistic and sporting choices: walking, dancing, and the necessary and ambitious raising of the spirit/body by Val ry.