A tractable wavelength routing solution for optical networks

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Habibi, Daryoush; Phung, Viet Q.; Nguyen, Hoang N.
Australian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference
[RSTDPub]; wavelength routing; WDM networks; Integer Linear Programming Selection; K shortest paths; Computer Sciences
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Abstract-Wavelength routing and assignment require careful planning and optimization in WDM networks. Integer Linear Programming (ILP) has been extensively used to solve the proble1n of wavelength routing in WDM networks, but it is intractable with large scale networks because of large number of constraints and variables involved. This paper presents a novel approach to wavelength routing problem which keeps the number of constraints and variables manageable for larger scale networks. The solution involves two steps including K shortest paths (KSP) and Integer Linear Programming Selection (ILPS). Our approach ahns at reducing the time complexity whilst achieving optimality of solutions nearly as good as ILP.