Development of a long range wireless sensor platform

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Bayat., Daryoush
Environmental monitoring; Bushfire; Remote sensing.; Environmental Monitoring
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Wireless Sensor Networks have emerged as an exciting field in recent years. There have been numerous studies on how to improve and standardise different aspects of wireless sensor networks. This paper aims to develop a wireless sensor network suitable for environmental monitoring applications. More specifically this paper aims to address the limited communication range of the existing wireless sensor technology. In order to achieve the desired objectives, we have initially developed a hardware platform and then integrated the hardware with a long range RF radio module to achieve the goals. The system is further enhanced with mesh networking capabilities to increase the communication range and overall reliability of the network. The developed wireless sensor network is composed of sensors, microcontroller, RF radio module, antenna and expansion connectors for additional sensors and peripheral devices. The developed wireless sensor network has been rigorously tested under three different scenarios to ensure the correct operation of the mesh network, communication range and effect of environmental obstacles such as vegetation and trees. The developed wireless sensor network has been proven to be a suitable platform for environmental monitoring applications and the modular design has made it very easy to optimise it for different applications.