Putting technology into perspective in Asia

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IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, ISSN: 0278-0097, Vol: 32, Issue: 3, Page: 5-6

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Michael, Katina
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Engineering; Social Sciences; asia; into; technology; perspective; putting
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With almost four billion people, Asia comprises about 55% of the world's population and 45% of the world's Internet users [1]. Internet penetration in Asia is estimated at almost 28% compared with the rest of the world at 43% [2]. The number of mobile users in Asia at the end of 2012 was estimated at about 3.2 billion subscribers. Eighteen countries in Asia have saturated mobile markets exceeding 100% penetration, while Macau and Hong Kong have mobile penetration levels of more than 200% [3]. India and China account for over 60% of the telecommunications market in Asia which is why so many companies are vying to be there.