Preparation and Characterization of Ceramic Gas Filters from Waste Fly Ash

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Jo, Y M; Lee, K.M; Raper, Judy A
waste; filters; gas; ceramic; preparation; ash; fly; characterization; Engineering
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Eight fly ashes collected from Missouri coal-fired power plants were characterized and used to prepare porous ceramic filters, which can potentially be used for high temperature gas cleaning. Amongst the fly ashes investigated, samples from Meramec silo and Labadie plants were found to have suitable chemical composition. Fly ash particles were mixed with organic additives in a suspension, which was then coated onto a stainless mesh support. The pressure drops across the fly ash filters were found to obey Darcy's relation. Results of the study indicate that the filters produced have the potential to be used for fine particle removal in gas streams, and with the addition of suitable catalyst may even be used for simultaneous removal of gaseous and solid pollutant materials.