Gapless insulator and a band gap scaling law in semihydrogenated graphene

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Applied Physics Letters, ISSN: 0003-6951, Vol: 97, Issue: 4, Page: 43104-43104

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Wright, Anthony; O'Brien, T E; Zhang, Chao; Beaven, Dieter
AIP Publishing
Physics and Astronomy; Gapless; insulator; band; gap; scaling; law; semihydrogenated; graphene; Engineering
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We demonstrate two unusual electronic properties of semihydrogenated graphene with variable sized A- or B-hydrogenated domains within the tight-binding formalism as follows: (i) a universal band gap scaling law which states that the band gap depends linearly upon the ratio of the number of A- to B-hydrogenated atoms, N/N, reaching zero gap at N= N, but independent of the domain size, and (ii) an insulating state with zero band gap at N= N, a rare phenomenon in nature. We confirm this gapless insulator state by the zero optical conductance at low frequencies. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.