The repeatability of the 24-hour pad test.

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International urogynecology journal and pelvic floor dysfunction, ISSN: 0937-3462, Vol: 16, Issue: 1, Page: 63-8; discussion 68

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Stevermuer, Tara L; Allen, W; Simons, A M; Karantanis, E; O'Sullivan, Ray; Moore, Kate H
Springer Nature
Medicine; repeatability; hour; pad; test; Business
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A prospective observational study was conducted in a tertiary urogynaecology unit in women with the primary symptom of urinary incontinence to assess the repeatability of the 24-hour pad test. One hundred and eight women undertook seven 24-hour pad tests over 7 consecutive days together with 7 simultaneous fluid and activity charts. The results were analysed collectively and according to urodynamic subsets. Repeatability was assessed by repeated measures analysis of variance and univariate analysis of variance for each urodynamic diagnosis group (USI, mixed and no USI). Variation between pad test weights over the 7 days was low, supporting good repeatability. The number of days of pad testing required to approximate the 7-day average was 3 days. However, a single 24-hour pad test correlated highly with the 7-day average (r=0.881) and was considered sufficient to gauge leakage severity.