Effect of size segregation on coal bulk density in the coke oven

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Wang, Jie-Ming
Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
thesis / dissertation description
The investigation presented in this thesis is concerned with the effect of size segregation on the bulk density of coal in a model coke oven as a function of different operating variables. In the first part of the investigation, basic experiments were carried out with binary mixtures of coal particles received from Kembla Coal & Coke Pty. Limited. The results show that there were no corresponding relationships between the bulk density and size segregation because of the differences in microstructure of the mixture, and that the multiple charging point system gives higher in-bin bulk density than the single point system does. The distribution of bulk density and size segregation in the model coke oven at different heights were plotted as an aid in further understanding the influence of charging height. In the second part of the investigation, the experiments were conducted with coal mixtures of continuous size distribution and different moisture content and oil additions by using Quadratic Regressive Orthogonal Design of experiments. The investigations were mainly concentrated on the effects of size distribution, moisture content and oil addition.