Water Rights, Contract Rights, and the Endangered Species Act

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Gray, Brian E.
Charles Wilkinson; federalization of water resources management; Section 9; chinook salmon entrainment; irrigation diversion pumps; state water law rights; harm definition; water diversions and impoundments; Section 7; federal reclamation contracts; biological opinion; Klamath River project; ranchers; irrigation districts; designation of critical habitat; Central Valley Project Improvement Act; lost river and shortnose suckers; Delta smelt; winter-run chinook salmon; groundwater pumping; ecosystem management; Columbia and Snake River system; Platte River system; whooping crane; Indian tribes; California State Water Resources Control Board; San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary; contractors; percent supply of water; Public Law 102-575; Westlands Water District Contract; litigation; Ninth Circuit; Stockton East Water District v. Department of the Interior; contract shortage provision; Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council; reasonable use; beneficial use; public trust; Animal Law; Aquaculture and Fisheries; Biodiversity; Environmental Law; Environmental Policy; Indian and Aboriginal Law; Legislation; Natural Resource Economics; Natural Resources and Conservation; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; State and Local Government Law; Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology; Water Law; Water Resource Management
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12 pages.Contains references.