SLIDES: Environmental Justice: Comprehensive Approach

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Targ, Nicholas
environmental justice; comprehensive approach; integration; state statutes; state policies; executive orders; federal government; particular issues; siting of facilities; brownfields redevelopment; Environmental Impact Assessment; EIA; agency-wide; tools; laws; stovepipe mentality; stovepipe issues; holistic response; integrated response; leveraging resources; coordination of actions; clear-cut standards; discretionary; non-adjudicatory; measurement; accountability; express legal authority; grassroots movement; elements of a comprehensive approach; mandate; capacity building; coordination; communication; transparency; case-by-case environmental justice analysis; protocols; strategic plan; commitment to action; quantifiable results; advisory committee; reporting mechanism; strategic planning; Stephen L. Johnson; Reaffirming the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Commitment to Environmental Justice; national environmental justice priorities; planning and budgeting process; 2-year action plan; example; enforcement targeting; consistent indicators; health; environment; compliance; demographics; “areas with potential environmental concerns”; low-income communities; poor communities; minorities; disadvantaged communities; protection; report; environmental justice measures; targeting resources; assessing results; operational definition; targeting; prioritization; screening; race-neutral factors; demographic data; community involvement; local issues; regional issues; suite of measures; interagency working group; executive steering committee; task force; EJ advisory committee; general purpose; special purpose; listening sessions; GIS/mapping; training; human capital; research; translation; grants; public-private programs; California; S.B. 115; fair treatment; races; cultures; income levels; greatest extent practicable; permitted by law; mission; federal agency; adverse human health effects; adverse environmental effects; Civil Rights and Discrimination; Climate; Dispute Resolution and Arbitration; Energy Policy; Environmental Health and Protection; Environmental Law; Environmental Monitoring; Environmental Policy; Human Rights Law; Land Use Law; Law and Politics; Law and Race; Law and Society; Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility; Legislation; Litigation; Natural Resources Law; Natural Resources Management and Policy; State and Local Government Law; Urban Studies and Planning
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Presenter: Nicholas Targ, Holland & Knight, former Associate Director for Environmental Justice Integration, Office of Environmental Justice, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency16 slides