Changes in the Intertidal Algal Flora of the Los Angeles Area Since the Survey by E. Yale Dawson in 1956-1959

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Vol: 70, Issue: 1, Page: 2-16

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Widdowson, Thomas B.
algae; Dawson; human interference; sand movement; seasonal variation; taxonomy; Biodiversity; Other Plant Sciences
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Each of the 15 stations set up by Dawson between Pt. Dume and Dana Point were reoccupied two or three times during the period 1968 to 1970. The data obtained were analysed in a manner comparable to Dawson's. The most conspicuous reductions were found in the flora of stations exposed to direct human interference, and in the species which characteristically grow half buried in sand. Methods are suggested by which problems associated with sand movement, seasonal variation, and taxonomy may be minimized.