Upper Cretaceous planktic foraminiferal biostratigraphy

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Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Geologia, ISSN: 1221-0803, Vol: 61, Issue: 1/2, Page: 5-20

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Georgescu, Marius Dan
University of South Florida Libraries; University of South Florida
Cretaceous; planktic foraminifera; biostratigraphy; Stratigraphy
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A high-resolution biostratigraphical zonation based on planktic foraminifera is developed for the Upper Cretaceous. It consists of twenty-five biozones defined with the aid of serial and coiled planktic foraminiferal taxa and presents the highest resolution developed with planktic foraminifera for this Series. All the index species used in biozonation are part of the practical classification associated with the evolutionary classification. The new biozonation represents a first in using data directly derived from the Theory of Evolution and its evolutionary classification extension in an application of paleontology such as biostratigraphy. By this the Theory of Evolution becomes a direct provider of data in applied studies.