A Review of the Effect Children With Autism Have on Their Typically Developing Sibling

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Khavarian, Christina
Autism; Siblings; Typically Developing; Child Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Health Psychology
thesis / dissertation description
Autism has just recently become a widely researched field and due to the sudden pique of interest, there has been little research conducted in regards to the effect children with autism have on their families, in particular on the siblings. Through the limited research that has been conducted, evidence has surfaced for both positive and negative effects on the relationships between children with autism and their typically developing siblings. By taking a deeper look into the social, emotional and academic aspects that are affected in typically developing siblings of children with autism, I hypothesize that having a sibling with autism will lead to internal emotional damage and restrict the non-autistic siblings’ social capabilities. There will be no significant results in regards to the normal sibling’s academic behavior. This paper aims to review the literature in hopes of exploring possible ways to treat or prevent the negative effects children with autism have on their typically developing sibling, in hopes of creating a healthier environment for the family.