Modeling of a liquid entrained reactor for liquid phase methanol synthesis process

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Fuel Science and Technology International, ISSN: 0884-3759, Vol: 10, Issue: 9, Page: 1501-1521

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Vijayaraghavan, P.; Kulik, Conrad J.; Lee, Sunggyu
Informa UK Limited; Taylor & Francis
Energy; Chemical Engineering
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The liquid phase methanol (LPMeOH™) synthesis process is to be commercially carried out in a liquid entrained reactor (LER), where the catalyst-inert oil slurry is pumped through the reaction zone along with the syngas fed separately. A computer model was developed based on the experimental results, for the LPMeOH™ process in a liquid entrained reactor. This computer program accurately predicts the multicomponent phase equilibria, ultimate chemical equilibria and the compositions of each reactant and product species exiting in the entrained reactor. The prediction of the results of this modeling agrees well with the experimental data from the LaPorte pilot plant entrained reactor. © 1992, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. All rights reserved.