Isotopically anomalous tellurium in allende: another relic of local element synthesis

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Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, ISSN: 0022-1902, Vol: 43, Issue: 10, Page: 2207-2216

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Oliver, L. L.; Ballad, Robert V.; Richardson, J. F.; Manuel, Oliver
Elsevier BV; Pergamon Press Ltd.
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The isotopic composition of tellurium is reported in the two mineral fractions of the Allende meteorite which contain isotopically anomalous xenon. Relative abundances of the tellurium isotopes, determined by neutron activation, follow the general anomaly patterns of the xenon isotopes in minerals of Allende: In the carbon-rich fraction, both elements exhibit enhanced abundances of the neutron-rich and the neutron-poor isotopes; in the spinel-rich fraction, both elements are enriched in the intermediate mass isotopes. Correlated isotopic anomalies of Te and Xe and associated heterogeneities in the abundances of low-Z elements are consistent with the chemical and isotopic heterogeneities expected if the solar system condensed from the debris of a single supernova, concentric with the present sun[1].