Magnetochemistry at low temperatures: Crystal structure and magnetic susceptibility of [CoCl 2 (3,5-lutidine) 2 ]

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Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, ISSN: 0304-8853, Vol: 75, Issue: 1, Page: 185-191

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Carlin, Richard Lewis; Vaziri, M.; Sinn, Ekkehard
Elsevier BV; Elsevier
Materials Science; Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry
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The crystal structure of [CoCl 2 (3,5-lutidine) 2 ] along with magnetic susceptibility measurements over the temperature interval 50 mK-4.2 K are reported. The space group is P2 1 /c, with a = 13.075(2), b = 15.903(4), and c = 8.035(1) Å; the angle β = 101.00(2)°. There are four molecules in the unit cell. The molecules are distorted tetrahedra (the Cl-Co-Cl angle is 120.29°) and well-isolated from each other. The magnetic anisotropy of single crystals is large and due to the zero-field splitting. The data may be fit by the spin-Hamiltonian parameters g ‖ = 2.1±0.1, g ⊥ = 2.1±0.1 and 2D/ k B = (10.5± 1) K. Measurements of the susceptibility of a polycrystalline powder sample show that magnetic ordering does not occur down to 50 mK. This is consistent with the crystal structure.