The 115 Sn, 117 Sn and 119 Sn nuclear spin-rotation constants in stannous monoxide, SnO, and a new multi-isotopomer analysis

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Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy, ISSN: 0022-2852, Vol: 248, Issue: 1, Page: 20-25

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Dewberry, Christopher T.; Etchinson, Kerry C.; Grubbs, Garry S.; Powoski, Robert A.; Serafin, Michal M.; Peebles, Sean A.; Cooke, Stephen A.
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Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry
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A Fourier transform microwave spectrometer has been used to make high resolution measurements on the J = 1–0 rotational transition for 11 isotopomers of SnO. For the most abundant isotopomer the transition was observed in the v = 0, 1, 2, and 3 states. Magnetic hyperfine structure was observed in the transitions for 115 Sn 16 O, 117 Sn 16 O and 119 Sn 16 O. The nuclear spin-rotation constant C I (Sn) has been determined for these isotopomers for the first time and these constants have been related to nmr shielding parameters. A multi-isotopomer analysis, including data from the 120 Sn 17 O and 120 Sn 18 O isotopomers, has been performed on the data. Born–Oppenheimer breakdown parameters were required in the fit and these parameters have been compared to those for the other Sn-chalcogenides.