An asynchronous circuit design language system

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Bednar, Gregory Martin
University of Missouri--Rolla
Electrical and Computer Engineering
thesis / dissertation description
"This paper presents a system for specifying the behavior of asynchronous sequential circuits. The system consists of a special purpose Asynchronous Circuit Design Language (ACDL), a translator and a flow table generation algorithm. The language includes many special features which permit quick and precise specification of terminal behavior. It is best suited for problems originating from a word description of the circuit's operation. The translator is written with the XPL Translator Writing System and is a syntax-directed compilation method. From the translated ACDL specifications, the flow table algorithm generates a primitive flow table which is the required input for the conventional synthesis procedures of asynchronous sequential circuits. A thorough description of the translator and flow table programs is given in the Appendices. In addition a number of example problems illustrating the use of ACDL are provided"--Abstract, page ii.