Horizontal Loading Tests of Instrumented Tubular Piles Driven Into Clay — A Case History

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Bouafia, Ali; Lachenani, Amina
University of Missouri--Rolla
Geotechnical Engineering
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Within the scope of an important experimental program of research on piles behaviour, the LCPC (Laboratoire Central des Ponts & Chaussées, France) carried out static lateral loads on two 915 mm diameter steel tubular piles in order to analyze the load-transfer P-Y curves. Each pile was driven up to 5 m deep into a brown clayey layer of thickness 6.50 m overlying a blue stiff marl. The instrumentation of each pile comprised 12 pairs of strain gauges for the measurement of bending moments along the pile and LVDTs for pile deflections. Process of double differentiation and double integration led to derive lateral soil reaction and pile deflection respectively and therefore to construct P-Y curves along the pile. Lateral reaction modulus as well as ultimate soil reaction were derived and compared to some usual methods in the literature of laterally loaded piles.