Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Behaviour of an Embankment Stabilized with Vertical Drains

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Castelli, Francesco; Lentini, Valentina; Maugeri, Michele
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Geotechnical Engineering
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The paper deals with the settlement analysis of an embankment founded on soft soil and realized for the construction of a reinforced concrete building in the industrial area of Catania (Sicily, Italy). The solution adopted consisted in the construction of the embankment by stages with thirty-three vertical prefabricated drains disposed under the embankment. Soil consolidation settlements took place since the beginning of the embankment construction. The experimental measurements were carried out since August 2000 up to January 2001. The site was well investigated by means of in-situ and laboratory tests. A significantly correspondence between the values of the geotechnical parameters derived from laboratory and in situ tests was observed. Consolidation was investigated and a comparison between computed results and field measurement is presented. The future performance of the embankment is predicted and the end of consolidation has been estimated in terms of settlements, which must be considered of major interest for the evaluation of the stability of the overlying structure.