Case History Compilation of Engineering Properties of Common Rocks in Maharashtra, India, for Database (1982-2002)

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Mundhe, M. S.; Pandhare, V. B.; Methekar, N. M.; Vaijapurkar, Shriram R.
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Geotechnical Engineering
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Rock samples are received from various project sites for testing at MERI. These rock samples were tested and test results were communicated to the project in charge from time to time. After carrying out tests to determine different engineering properties of various types of commonly available rocks, mostly for irrigation structures in Maharashtra, lot of historical data is available. It was felt that, this data of results may be compiled digitally in database software (M. S. Access) and analyzed suitably for use in design and construction of irrigation and other important structures in future. The results of about 1920 Rock samples tested during the period from 1982 to 2002 have been compiled in the database. Mainly the following test results are required by the construction agencies 1) %Water Absorption 2) Specific Gravity and Density of Rock 3) Compressive strength (Kg/cm2) General standards of acceptance of these rock properties are also discussed in this paper. Abstracts of results indicating Average, Minimum and Maximum values of laboratory test results on rocks are presented. Database presented in this paper is basin and sub-basin-wise, region-wise, district-wise and geological class-wise.