Cyclic Undrained Behavior of Saturated Sand Under Monotonic Loading

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Matsuzawa, Hiroshi; Sugimura, Masahiro
University of Missouri--Rolla
Geotechnical Engineering
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In order to investigate undrained behavior of saturated sand, three types of undrained triaxial tests were performed for saturated Toyoura sand, i.e., cyclic loading test with (DTU-test) and without (DU-test) constant initial shear stress and tests in which constant rate axial strain and cyclic axial stress were applied to a specimen simultaneously (DCU-test). In DCU-tests, three types of failure were observed, i.e.; 1) perfectly liquefied in the case of relatively loose sand, 2) initially liquefied, but shear failure was induced after strength recovery for succeeding loading in the case of relatively dense sand, and 3) shear failure was induced without liquefaction. Furthermore, constitutive equations taking account of strain history of materials were derived and applied to the above test conditions. Calculated stress-strain-pore water pressure behaviors showed good agreements with experimental results.