Buckling Experiments on Hollow Flange Beams with Web Stiffeners

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Mahendran, Mahen; Avery, P.
University of Missouri--Rolla
Structural Engineering
conference paper description
A new cold-formed and resistance welded section known as the Hollow Flange Beam (HFB) has been developed recently in Australia. In contrast to the common lateral torsional buckling mode of I-beams, this unique section comprising two stiff triangular flanges and a slender web is susceptible to a lateral distortional buckling mode of failure involving lateral deflection, twist and cross-section change due to web distortion. This lateral distortional buckling behaviour has been shown to cause significant reduction of the available flexural strength of HFBs. An investigation using finite element analyses and large scale experiments was carried out into the use of transverse web plate stiffeners to improve the lateral buckling capacity of HFBs. This paper presents the details of the experimental investigation, the results, and the final stiffener arrangement whereas the details of the finite element analyses are presented in a companion paper at this conference.