Some additional stability and performance characteristics of the scissor/pivot wing configurations

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SAE Technical Papers, ISSN: 0148-7191

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Bruce P. Selberg; Paul Vitt
SAE International
Engineering; Environmental Science; Aerospace Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
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The scissor wing configuration is analyzed for unequal forward/rearward wing area ratios and for different wing sweep schedules of the forward and rearward wings. C, C, static margin, and sweep schedule results are presented as a function of flight Mach number for various sweep schedules and two wing area ratios. Complete aircraft, lift to drag ratio, and power required results are presented for the configuration that was able to maintain static margin over the largest range of Mach numbers. The potential benefits of the scissor wing configuration are presented and discussed in terms of potential increased performance potential or smaller engine. © Copyright 1993 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.