Calculation of QED Effects in Hydrogen

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Hyperfine Interactions, ISSN: 0304-3843, Vol: 132, Issue: 1-4, Page: 373-375

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10.1023/a:1011977519061; 10.1023/a%3a1011977519061
Jentschura, Ulrich D.; Mohr, Peter J.; Soff, Gerhard
Springer Nature; Kluwer Academic Publishers
Physics and Astronomy; Chemistry; Quantum Electrodynamics; Specific Calculations; Quantum Electrodynamics; Specific Calculations; Physics
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Atomic mass differences are influenced by QED corrections, and a reliable understanding of these corrections is therefore of importance for the current and next generation of high-precision mass determinations based on Penning traps. We present a numerical evaluation of the self-energy correction, which is the dominant contribution to the Lamb shift, in the region of low nuclear charge. Our calculation is nonperturbative in the binding field and has a numerical uncertainty of 0.8Hz in atomic hydrogen for the ground state and of 1.0Hz for L-shell states (2S1/2, 2P1/2, and 2P3/2).