Wind Energy Concentrators

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Energy Resources and Management, Page: 91-105

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Loth, John L.
University of Missouri--Rolla
Chemical Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mining Engineering; Nuclear Engineering; Petroleum Engineering
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This paper presents two alternatives to the shrouded propeller wind energy concentrator. Their operation is based on generating a low pressure area, with high local wind velocity, around the windmill rotor.The two types of wind energy concentrators considered are: (1) the "obstruction type" concentrator where a vertical cylinder or vertical flat surface is used to produce high local velocities around two counter-rotating vertical axis rotors, and (2) the "vortex type" concentrator where a horizontal vortex is generated by a vertical high lift wing of finite span. The high local wind kinetic energy inside the vortex is harnessed by a horizontal axis rotor.The performance parameters such as the power concentration ratio and the associated area ratio have been determined theoretically. Some preliminary experimental data are included.