Determining the modulation transfer function of a lens-film combination using the diffraction effects of a coherent imaging system

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Washburn, Mark
Diffraction; Fourier; Laser; Modulation transfer function; MTF; Sine target; Targets
thesis / dissertation description
This study will present a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to producing sinusoidal test targets, which can then be used in measuring the image quality of a photographic system by way of a coherent system. The sinusoidal test targets will be produced from a series of bar targets using Fourier Optics, and a comparison study will be made between measuring MTF with a laser and a microdensitometer. A defocused target series will also be produced to note the change in MTF of the photographic system. The results indicate that sinusoidal test targets can be made quickly and inexpensively, and then can be used to provide meaningful data in evaluating a system. It was found that the laser method used in measuring the MTF of a photographic system was found to be superior to the microdensitometer in convenience, in speed, and in noise reduction. However, the microdensitometer can perform tests which the laser cannot, which still makes the microdensitometer an essential and invaluable tool in measuring the image quality of a system.