Implement modified version of Nestle oil test on flexible packaging film to evaluate migration of essential oils on films coated with layered nanoclay platelets.

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Nelson, Dain A.
Transcendence (Philosophy) in art; Art; Modern--20th century--Themes; motives; Deconstruction; Existentialism; Metal working
project description
Project followed a previous research method established by Nestle Purina for test of grease migration in Pet Food packaging using chicken fat and oleic acid. This procedure was modified and replaced with Essential oils commonly found in spices and seasoning blends. The objective was to observe the barrier effectiveness of an emerging coating technology (Nanoseal) using less than one micron thick layer of exfoliated clay platelets coated on thin packaging film commonly used in food packaging. Use the Nestle method to track Migration of Essential oils detectable under natural and UV light exposed to chromatography plates under ambient and elevated temperature with direct pressure applied to the test film surface. High temperatures in the procedure lead to evaporation of the oil in early test phases. NanoGold trace element later added to the oil as another tool to help track permeation in the film and clay platelet layer. The gold trace element as a marker proved inconclusive.