Silicon-on-insulator waveguide structures for electro-optic applications

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Harvey, Christopher
Silicon-on-insulator technology; Wave guides; Electrooptics
thesis / dissertation description
Silicon based photonic devices have been demonstrated by industrial leaders in the microelectronic industry. The need for system integration has pushed the development of silicon as a photonic material to new levels. This report presents details on a silicon-on-insulator waveguide structure based on a metal Bragg reflection diffraction grating, which utilizes a change in refractive index caused by a carrier change to induce optical modulation. The motivation of the device was for use as an electrically controlled optical modulator operating in the near infrared region; an optically controlled device has been demonstrated in previous work. This study has thoroughly examined the process development and electrical characteristics of the device through use of Silvaco(TM) simulation software and experimentation. The device has exhibited excellent optical characteristics and has shown promise as an optical modulator and a sub-bandgap photon detector. A silicon-on-insulator waveguide structure specified to operate at a wavelength of 1053nm has been simulated, designed, fabricated and tested both optically and electrically. Future iterations have been simulated and designed to take advantage of advanced microelectronic processes