Multiplayer Sound-Oriented Game Design: An iOS brain and hearing training game

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Yu, Liwei
Brain training; Game design; Hand-ear coordination; Hearing training; Multiplayer; Sound oriented
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Hearing (auditory perception) is one of the most important senses in our human bodies. There are millions of different sounds in our world; humans perceive the sounds from the outside world to get information, and respond to them.It is beneficial to enhance hearing abilities and hand-ear coordination to boost brain fitness, engage in better communication with others, and enhance concentration abilities.With the fast development of smart mobile devices and mobile internet, it is easy to get people connected no matter where they are. Some people usually play games during short fragments time.Considering these factors, it is a good approach to take full advantage of these moments, so this project is a real-time multiplayer game in iOS, and it is all based on sound. Players are required to listen to a piece of audio first, then complete the task, and the one who completes it faster or better can win the points.This game is audio-oriented, social and has various types of challenges. Players are randomly matched to compete in real time, or one can pick someone else to challenge, motivating people to win. There are four main categories: dexterity challenge, memory challenge, discrimination challenge and attention challenge, and each category contains hundreds of relevant challenges.