Numerical Modeling Of Dissimilatory Iron Reduction In Sediments At A Field Site

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Chen, Chun-Wen
Hematite; Bioreduction; Rate Formulations; Parameters
thesis / dissertation description
The primary purpose of this study is to identify the 'universal' rate formulations with scaled-dependent parameters for the biological reduction of hematite. Three possible rate formulations were proposed to describe the bioreduction rate of hematite, and two kinds of simulation were conducted to validate the formulations and parameters with both batch and column experimental data: a reaction-based biogeochemical (batch) modeling with BIOGEOCHEM 1.0 and a reactive biogeochemical transport (column) modeling via HYDROGEOCHEM 4.0. Based on the results of simulations, only the dual Monod kinetic with inhibition rate formulation with respect to the concentrations of lactate, ßFeOOH, and Fe2+ under certain initial concentration of dissimilatory metal-reducing bacterium could fit the experimental data well. Our results also revealed that the equilibrium reaction rate for the surface hydration of hematite may have to be substituted with the kinetic rate formulation.