Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Justice, and Affect: A Meta-Analysis

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Cochran, Megan
Counterproductive work behaviors; cwb; organizational justice; procedural justice; distributive justice; interpersonal justice; informational justice; sabotage; withdrawal; abuse; theft; production deviance; cwb i; cwb o; state affect; positive affect; negative affect; affect; meta analysis; mediation
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Counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs) are an expensive phenomenon for organizations, costing billions of dollars collectively each year. Recent research has focused on justice perceptions as predictors of CWBs, but little research has been conducted on the specific types of counterproductive work behaviors (i.e., sabotage, withdrawal, production deviance, abuse, and theft) that result from specific organizational justice perceptions (i.e., distributive, procedural, interpersonal, and informational) and the mediating effect of state affect. The current paper meta-analyzed the relationships between justice, CWB, and state affect and found that justice was negatively related to dimensions of CWB and state positive/negative affect were negatively/positively related to CWB dimensions, respectively. However, mediation of the relationship between justice and CWB by state affect was inconsistent across justice types and CWB dimensions. These findings suggests that, while managers should maintain an awareness of justice and state affect as individual predictors of CWBs, the current study does not necessarily support the claim that state affect explains the relationship between justice and counterproductive work behavior dimensions.